Pacific Cast Stone Design manufactures and installs custom fireplace mantels, fire mantels, balustrade, columns, wall caps, door sills, kitchen hoods, window sills, fireplace surrounds, and many more cast stone and precast architectural elements. We have a huge selection of cast stone and precast fireplace mantels and other architectural elements. We use the highest quality materials. Our prices are the best in the industry. Pacific Cast Stone Design specializes in fireplace surrounds, fireplace mantels, columns & balustrade systems, exterior cast stone trim and molding, kitchen hoods, precast concrete and more.

Cast Stone products create a visual centerpiece tailored to the desires of each individual’s unique tastes. Columns and balustrade systems have long been used to enhance architectural design with character and beauty. Decorative cast stone trim and molding can be used to create elaborate ornamentation or sleek styling throughout your home’s interior and exterior and make your home or building both unique and engaging.

Owners of historic buildings that have suffered from damage or neglect frequently wish to restore the architectural character of the façades and increase the value of their properties. Some owners may be required to inspect and restore façades due to Local Laws. Pacific Cast Stone Design has vast experience in recreating missing or deteriorated stone or terra cotta ornaments, such as window and door surrounds, cornices, balustrades, balconies, stairs, columns and other features. Our work is carried out in accordance with the building owner, architect of record, and local landmark preservation society.

Pacific Cast Stone Design has the ability to recreate, renovate and restore virtually any type of damaged or missing original plaster work, using both traditional and modern techniques. Whether you have long runs of cornice that need replacing, minor damage or you want to match existing ornate plaster cornice from one room to another, Pacific Cast Stone Design has the experience needed for reproduction plaster. All restoration work is carried out on site by our highly skilled teams, with detailed enrichment and manufacturing being done in our workshop. All products are manufactured to a high specification, matching the exact look and materials of the original cornice.

We are honored to be invited to be a small part of our clients dream and helping bring it to life. We do not look at it as a job but a passion. Our reward comes from our clients’ gratification. Guaranteeing custom design and manufacturing, delivery and installation, and cost-effective solutions, our mission is to meet the needs, schedules and satisfaction of our clients. We believe we must spend time with our clients and listen to their ideas and concerns. We believe we have to take those ideas and bring into reality.


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