We manufacture real “Cast Stone” made from crushed limestone and white cement, the closest product to real honed limestone possible. Although our GFRC is a beautiful product, and comes in 10 colors and 5 textures, there is no comparison when compared to Cast Stone which has a warm limestone look and comes in 10 colors and 2 textures. We are the only California Company offering real cast stone and we are proud of it, it is our flagship product. Cast stone has a smooth sand like texture and is perfect for pool coping as it is non-slip and is cooler to the touch than GFRC.

Utilizing state of the art techniques and materials, combined with old world craftsmanship our cast stone columns, lightweight precast columns, GFRC columns, pool coping, historic restoration parts and other precast products are not massed produced without any character in a factory, as most other companies manufacture them. Our product is hand cast in our own original textures and designs based on the classical formal cast stone profiles of Glendale California, the informal precast concrete stone profiles of the Glendale California We offer a design service and can design your project from scratch or from your plans. Our variety of textures and colors is unsurpassed by anyone, hand-finished, with a choice of 7 incredible textures, some unseen before and 20 standard colors.

On the color and texture pages there are examples of each, as well as a general written description. Pacific Cast Stone Design is one of the most respected architectural precast, GFRC and cast stone companies based in the greater Glendale California. Unlike most companies, we are licensed, bonded, have general liability, workers compensation insurance, we have our own experienced installers and are recognized for our high quality craftsmanship, for finishing projects on schedule and within budget. We take pride in our work and our ability to relate to and relieve the concerns of the homeowner, architect, and contractor.