Balustrade Installation Service in Los Angeles

Balustrade construction or installation can be a sturdy task until it’s handled by the hub of architectural creativity, the Pacific Cast Stone Design. From a premium composition to the manufacturing, construction, and installation, stone balustrade requires considerable professional handling. Although you can restore your home’s stone balustrade installation service with our efficient care, you also need to know some interesting facts. These facts are creatively sprinkled below; hang on with the article to learn more. 

Essential Components of Balustrades

Balustrades can be found around staircases or balcony railings, but they’re indicative of contemporary architecture because of the following components:

  • Railings and their peripheral connections (form the height and length of a balustrade) 
  • Brackets and Fasteners (metallic based and used as balustrade connections) 
  • Post caps and newel posts (Fit between the railings to give balustrade its shape and style)

What are Balustrades Made In?

Our timeless balustrades are made in the following captivating ingredients:

Natural Solid Balustrades:

  • Cast stone balustrades
  • Wood 
  • Wrought iron
  • Glass 
  • Concrete
  • Plaster

Synthetically Produced Balustrades:

  • Urethane / Polyurethane
  • Fiberglass 
  • PVC

What are the trending Balustrade Types?

  • Balustrades have been a significant component of architectural frameworks and are distinct in their shape, size, composition, and design. 

    For centuries, they’ve undergone a considerable evolution in their manufacturing. 

    Here’s a brief overlook into the Balustrades’ horizon: 

    • Traditional wooden balustrades (Fit best in a traditionally built home or commercial interior) 
    • Metallic balustrades (Minimalist, stylish, durable, and can compliment both commercial and residential architects) 
    • Precast concrete balustrades (Versatile and available in a diverse range of eye-catching colors, textures, and designs)
    •  Stone balustrades (Possess an evergreen charm and are mostly used in cultural or commercial buildings, highly durable)

How are We Serving Our Clients? Contact Us to Know More!

We have a vast clientele of balustrade construction services spread through residential buildings, villas, commercial scrappers, and many more. Our experienced installers make sure it lasts a lifetime! 

Reach out to Pacific Cast Stone Design and let us build the best for you!

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