Chimney Construction and Installation

Whether you’re building a brand-new house and are planning a chimney installation, or want to retrofit an existing one, Pacific Cast Stone Designs is here to be your reliable solution.We know the importance of the foundation, location, and design of the chimney in your home. Our professionals have an exquisite understanding of home-chimney systems and will walk you through every project phase. Count on us to develop the perfect chimney model that will provide years of comfort and warmth for your family! 

Which Type of Chimney Works Best For Your Home? 

When it comes to chimney construction and installation, selecting the type of chimney that complements your home is essential. Generally, chimneys come in two forms:

Masonry Chimney 

This traditional chimney is made of blocks, bricks, or stone and mortar. You’ll be drawn to the timeless beauty of the chimney design and construction. Not to mention, they can last for decades with proper care and maintenance!

Prefabricated Chimney

The prefabricated chimney construction takes place in a factory before installing at home. Most are built from metal and have a relatively more contemporary approach. They might not last as long as masonry chimneys but are still a great option – especially if you are on a budget. 

Why Should You Hire Our Professional Service?

There are some jobs that are best left to professionals, and installing a chimney system in your home is one of them!

  • Our professionals know the codes and regulations of chimney installation, thus ensuring absolute constructional safety. 
  • An expert will understand the complex structure of your home and will perform preventative maintenance to override chimney troubles later on.
  • A well-constructed and installed chimney will save you time and future costs, as well as promise an efficient chimney system in your home. 

We’re Just A Call Away! 

At Pacific Cast Stone Designs, we are trained to help you skip the unwanted hassles and directly move on, providing you with the very best. Contact us now to get the most trustworthy chimney construction and installation service in Los Angeles. 


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