Column Construction

The strength of the structure depends on its foundation, which in the case of a post-frame building are the laminated columns. The better the quality of column construction, the better the overall strength and stability of a building.At Pacific Stone Caste Designs, this strength in column construction is precisely what we aim to provide.If you are new to the concept of column construction, keep up with this comprehensive insight and understand the purpose of investing in a reputable service. 

What Makes Laminated Columns So Important? 

Laminated columns are posts with multiple layers of lumber assembled together. They are an integral part of post-frame construction, a highly-engineered wood-framed building. Think of these columns as the legs of a table. Without even a single one, the entire table would collapse. But when all four legs are solid and sturdy, they will easily hold the weight of the tabletop. Similarly, with high-quality column construction, the weight of the building is distributed evenly. This way, the structure of the entire framework is stabilized! 

What are Different Types of Columns in Construction?

Columns come in many different kinds and are classified on the basis of various factors. Given below is the most common (and professionally important!) classification based on the method of lamination: 

  1. Cross Laminated Columns: consist of stacked boards of lumbar, arranged in perpendicular layers
  2. Glue Laminated Columns or Gulam: made by bonding multiple layers of lumbar together with adhesives
  3. Nail Laminated Columns or Mechlam: constructed by mechanically fastening layers of lumbar with nails
  4. Dowel Laminated Columns: laminated by utilizing moisture content variation between dowels and wood

When selecting the column, you will notice some other types of columns based on their cross-sectional size, pattern, shape, etc. Our professional advice will help you figure out the best option that complements the structure and fits your budget as well! 

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