Crown Molding

Whether your contemporary interior design or the classical exterior architecture, crown moldings enhance your home’s decorative trim. Pacific Stone Caste Designs has diverse statement design variations and versatile composition options.You’ve already got your ultimate crown molding services in Los Angeles. Stay with us to dwell on our iconic crown molding.

How to Choose a Crown Molding? 

Choosing crown molding is complicated until you are all set to differentiate various types and their composition. To make your hunt hassle-free and more like a fun activity, we’ve made an easier classification: 

  • Premium Solid Wooden Crown Molding 

Nothing can match the elegance and warmth of a carved solid wood crown molding. The glossy finish and timeless wall-to-ceiling transition make it a top choice. 

  • Intricate Detailing Plaster Molding 

Although a plaster embossed crown molding service is fragile and complex to handle, it nails intricate details and curves. For a safe and long-lasting stay, installing your dream plaster molding in your home’s interior is advised. 

  • Moisture-Friendly PVC Sculpted molding 

You’ll find a solution to every architectural problem at Pacific Cast Stone Design. Hence, we provide PVC based crown molding for humid spots so that no space is left uncrowned! 

  • Affordable Polyurethane Molding 

Polyurethane has some mind-blowing properties that crown molding can effortlessly carry! It’s durable, doesn’t rot or hold pests, and fights against destructive humidity. And yes, it’s affordable too!

  • Premium looking affordable fiberboard 

Are you looking for a sustainable yet contemporary option to install as crown molding? Fiberboard might be your best friend, then! Its unmatchable resemblance with solid wood and enhanced durability is substantial. 

How to Match Your Choice with Your Home’s Style? 

One tip: “Let your home style decide on crown molding”! 

Hellenic and classical crown molding can ruin your avant-garde interior architecture! Or, a statement and minimalist molding might miss a match with the existing royal-like wooden curated architecture. 

But, the time’s up to worry about these matters. Our aced crown molding design experts at Pacific Cast Stone Design have it all sorted for you! 

Avail the Top Crown Molding Service Now! 

They rightly say it’s never too late to mend, and so is, reconsidering your crown molding installation. Reach out to Pacific Cast Stone Design, and rest assured! 

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