Planters and Urns

Planters and Urns are the best decorative ornaments to make your ordinary-looking garden “a work of art”.  Container gardening has never been much easier without them. Planters and Urns are the most dramatic decoration pieces that can revive your dull entryways. Decorate your empty balconies, boring pavements, and dead porch areas with our unique decorative planters and urns.

Trendy Planters in Los Angeles

Planters can instantly turn your barren ground into an urban royal garden. You can place ceramic planters outdoors and uplift the somber look of your land. Usually, planters come in multiple shapes and sizes. There are:

Ceramic Planters

Ceramic Planters are glazed with a thick coat of lacquer preventing water from escaping the pot. You can find stunning designs of ceramic planters to decorate your home gardens. These are best for planting moist plants like Golden Pothos, Baby’s Tears, or Maidenhair Fern.

Concrete Planters

Terracotta or Concrete Planters are made of porous material which easily permits the escape of water and moisture. Use Concrete Planters outdoors and give your halls and foyer a mysterious antique look. These are best for planting succulent plants like Moth Orchids, Peperomias, Mediterranean Herbs and Snake Plant

Modern Urns in Los Angeles

Urn planters are a modern way of elevating your memorial services. Now, you can use ceramic urns instead of using the same old concrete urns that crack easily and show signs of discoloration.We have a variety of decorative ceramic urns with beautiful engravings to memorize your dear ones.Our precast stone urns last long and are made from the same Precast – Cast Stone as the memorial they are meant to accent.Ranging from solid blue ceramic urns to tapered box urns, take your pick and order to create carved engravings for a personal touch. Respect the memory of your loved ones properly and beautifully with our decorative ceramic urns.

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