Stairs and Steps Construction 

Your home’s staircase is one of the most eye-catching architectural pieces of construction. Whether modern twisted forms or traditional solid wooden stairs and steps, staircases symbolize your taste for contemporary architecture. At Pacific Cast Stone Design, we are ready to transform your dream staircase design into a charming flight of steps. Let’s have a quick insight into the interesting world of staircases. 

Essential Components of Modern Staircase Construction:

The choice of components determines the overall design and build of a staircase. The components that outline the style of your dream staircase are: 

  • Stringers: Carriages that diagonally support the staircase and can rock your interior with a little design play. 
  • Stair Treads: The horizontal surface you step on forms the stair treads that can be furnished per your choice. 
  • Kickboards: Also called risers are fixed to support the horizontal surfaces or treads. Both risers and treads add aesthetic details to the staircase. 

Types of Staircase Construction

You can find numerous staircase collections in Los Angeles, but Pacific Cast Stone Design is famous for its uniqueness and durability. 

  • Quarter-turn staircase (L-shaped having two straight turns curved together) 
  • Conventional straight staircase (straight with an inclined diagonal) 
  • Switchback staircase (half-turned staircase or U-shaped steps stairs and steps design) 

Top Staircase Construction Designs at Pacific Cast Stone Design 

Our state-of-the-art puristic and sophisticated staircase designs can effortlessly match any home’s interior without any hustle. We are experienced in creating the following masterpieces: 

  • Throughout glass or concrete-based staircases 
  • Wooden staircases with a touch of traditional architecture
  • Creating contemporary staircase designs such as oriental, modern or minimalist, and Arabic.

Time to Call Us! 

We believe in creating art pieces with your dream staircase design submerged in our expertise! What’s the delay? Contact Pacific Cast Stone Design now to book an appointment! 

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