Wall Veneer, Tiles, and Pavers 

Welcome to Pacific Cast Stone Design; you have stepped into the hub of natural stone supplies. Our bespoke wall veneers and flooring tiles are extracted from the biggest natural stone assemblage in Los Angeles. You’ll be surprised to find the ultimate diverse range of wall veneer, tiles, and pavers in Los Angeles. We’re sure you’ll be hooked on us for a lifetime! 

Our Natural Stone Supplies 

Pacific Cast Stone Design is creating premium natural stone supplies to match with ever changing architectural trends and contemporary home designs. We deal in: 

  • Blocks and Wall veneers. 
  • Landscape stones with unique color and texture ranges. 
  • Pool coping and pool tiles with premium to sustainable ranges
  • Pavers and flooring tiles 
  • Cobblestone pavements and flooring 

What do we’ve in store for Your Place? 

Our professional flooring and coping skills are unmatchable, as are our extensive natural stone supplies ranges. Our trending natural stone components are: 

  • Stack stones for walls, corner lines, and fireplace mantels
  • Limestone 
  • Slate and granite for durable flooring tiles and facades
  • Sandstone, quartzite, bluestone 
  • Basalt as bricks 
  • Marble 

How We’ll Serve You at Our Best? 

It’s been more than a decade since we sincerely served our clients with professional wall veneer and tile flooring services in Los Angeles. 

We’ll serve you at: 

  • After reviewing your choice, expert advice is to choose any particular product installation, from landscape stones to pool tiles. 
  • Guiding you through various natural stone components and executing different styles. 
  • Procedures involving coping floors and pools and installing veneers. 
  • Maintaining wall veneer, tiles, and pavers. 

Reach Out to Us Now! 

Whether you’re renovating your home’s interior or exterior, it isn’t an easy task to accomplish without professional backup and trimmed supplies. We pledge to provide you with this backup with perfection at Pacific Cast Stone Design, Los Angeles. 

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